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 The Presence Of A Wanderer

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PostSubject: The Presence Of A Wanderer   Fri Sep 04, 2015 11:30 am

Song for a bit of Atmosphere: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Over the last cycle, An enigmatic hooded figure entered into shadowdale at first bearing simple robes speaking to a younger attractive dark haired lady whom always seem to have a drink in her hand.

As time progressed on, He was often seen accompanying others with a smile, Although not experienced in adventure and always commenting about his lack of proficiency of his crossbow, He quickly brought others to his side, Some paid via mercentile measures of gold, Others of exploration and desire of aquiring materials.

Some even commented if he was a "Leader" in some aspect in which he would reply with a warm smile of:

"They have their own goals, We share a common one."

The adventurers and ones who accompanied this hooded figure whom quickly adorned himself with a form of breastplate armour were themselves interesting in most respects, Each individual carrying forth their own strengths and power, Exhibited and praised upon by the hooded figure.

Time goes on and yet he seems to deliver a presence in central shadowdale encouraging progression, Trade and unity and that in part can represent hope in these dark times that loom over the realm.

// Others are welcome to post up interactions with him too!
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The Presence Of A Wanderer
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