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 A Letter to the Order of the Red Falcon:

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PostSubject: A Letter to the Order of the Red Falcon:   Fri Aug 28, 2015 11:51 pm

A letter sealed with the symbol of the Order of the Red Falcon has been sent back to the Citadel of Strategic Militancy:

Quote :
"I send word with great haste as I, Page Gunsthur, have not been able to enlist the aid of the Tempurans of the Abbey. With grave news, the company sent to these lands with this task has all been lost, but I. Although, I have continued on with my mission onwards to the Abbey of the Sword, accompanied by another; Tyrus Brahaman, a Tempuran Battle-Priest of the Abbey.

Unable to secure any aid against the scourge of the undead plaguing these lands, I have returned to Shadowdale. In my time here, I have discovered that I have been blessed and favored by the Great Lady of Armor Blood-Red, a Favored Soul as I have been told. I have also learned some of the art of the War Priest from Battle-Priest Brahaman however. I intend to earn this honor from the Grandmaster on the battlefield, honing my mind and body even further to see an end to the threats that are plaguing these lands and give honor to all those that have fallen in battle to see this mission completed with sound mind.

I request that if any of the Order has any queries to make on this situation, send word to the Misty Falls Keep. I have been granted some sanctuary there by the Keep's Guard Captain, Gerhardt Hornraven.

-Lendric Gunsthur"

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A Letter to the Order of the Red Falcon:
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