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 Dark Clouds over the Daggerhills

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DM Carbuncle


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PostSubject: Dark Clouds over the Daggerhills   Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:00 am

People near Shadowdale noticed that parts Selune were blotted by strange dark clouds last night...

as they went to investigate, they witnessed a terrible vortex of swirling angry black clould boiling upwards toward the stars and moon.

the closer the witnesses got to the hills, the more impressive and foreboding the massive cloud vortex seemed.

Even worse, as soon as they sat foot into the hills, they noticed that their life force was slowly being drained away when not protected by a Death Ward or similiar spell. All around them in the hills, not a single living plant remained. All life seemed to be utterly gone and destroyed, or killed for quite some time already.

The witnesses were soon hindered in their journey to the center of the hills.. where this omnious vortex seemd to originate, by large Groups of Nightwalkers and Death Knights and also Nightwings swooping in from the dark sky above.

arriving at the Center of the hills.. they came across a circle of four well known Liches performing the end of a vile epic spell ritual. In the center of this ritual stood a human, known to some as René or Hector. Blood pouring out of his nose, eyes and ears and his face twisted by intense pain, his body wracked by vile energies. With his last strenght he spat some last words at the gathered group as the Liches dissapeared with a cry of triumph.

Hector wrote:

You cannot see it, you cannot hear it, you cannot touch it...

What lied behind the stars is now here

It is what you all truly fear.

Now close your eyes.... embrace it.

with a sick rippening sound the gathered energy inside Hector exploded outward and upward in a wave of dark energy, tearing at the souls of the gathered. His body utterly destroyed.. leaving behind only a mask on the ground and a pool of blood.

as the group makes their way back to the south.. the dark clouds spread to cover all the Daggerhills sky.. cloaking the Hills in eternal night.

((The Hills are now always a night time area. In addition anyone entering the area without being protected by a Death Ward or similiar spell will loose 1 HP per 2 rounds from the life draining effect))

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DM Carbuncle


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PostSubject: Re: Dark Clouds over the Daggerhills   Mon Jul 27, 2015 11:39 am

//edit for Hectors last words..
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Clouds over the Daggerhills   Mon Aug 03, 2015 2:39 am

Dicky Jorinson travels to dagger hills and sneaks around.  Hes seems to be searching for the body. He is dressed in black chain shirt, black cloak, and hooded mask. (mythril) and fully buffed with death ward. Probably days after. If he can get to the spot he would say a prayer to shar and walk back.  Before he walks back. "Despair well friend. May your shadows be ever lasting." And then with that he disappears. (regular invis)
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Clouds over the Daggerhills   

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Dark Clouds over the Daggerhills
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