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 When others Gamble

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PostSubject: When others Gamble   Mon Jul 20, 2015 5:20 pm

Mister Twitch was quite the talent with those portals! And even though Noya was a bit reluctant to follow pretty much everyone to a location completely unknown.. It must have been Halflinf curiosity. But also something else. A hunch something of great interest would lay on the other end.

It was the familliar smell. The sounds of a small waterfall and the rustling of palm trees that were welcoming the small Desert Halfling to an Oasis unknown, yet so familliar.

"This is how home feels.."

Such was whispered in her head while all the others stepped through the portal. And it was soon too, that Noya wandered off, away from the crowd who were busy in this game of gambling. Such was not what an Al-Halshi was interested in. But Noya was drawn to what her eyes saw, What her nose was smelling, and the sounds of the oasis resounding in her ears.

This might just be an illusionairy place. It might not be true. Mister Twitch was quite the Illusionist, surely.

"Let the Oasis not fade
Or be just a memory
Let this be a place in the Anaroch desert
Somewhere, somewhere to be found

Let the Oasis not fade
And always be peacefull
In our hearts and memory.
Let the Oasis not fade
When my tribe arrives
With all those who answer the call

Ya Yondallah, hear my call, and carry it on the sands of time.

And with that Poem, standing alone not far from where the festival of gambling was held, the silence of the desert surrounded Noya. And it was at that moment, as she fell to her knees in prayer to her goddess, Noya felt the pain of being homesick.

The Desert her home, it beconed her. The culture of the oasis wanderers, it was dearly missed.
Her faith in Yondallah, and the Book of Guidance on which her tribe walked, her only memory of where she was from.

Imprinted on her eyes as a remembrance.

O ocean dry as lavender
carved by relentless winds
O ocean wrinkled like parchment
make my tracks a forgotten memory
yet my eyes filled with you
Shall be your remembrance
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When others Gamble
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