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 Letter to Brother Jonah and Sister Laura

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PostSubject: Letter to Brother Jonah and Sister Laura   Sun Jul 19, 2015 1:07 am

The next day in the town of Shadowdale, Isiolia the tiny elven bardess slips a letter to Brother Jonah and Sister Laura in the Hospital. Her letter is written with black ink, in flowing elegant script. It reads:

Quote :
Good day Brother Jonah and Sister Laura:

I have left a few baskets of food left over from the Moon Festival that took place last night. The food should be fresh and ready to go for whoever wishes it! I have left a few casks of whatever was left over as well. I hope these provisions may be of use to both of you. I know it isn't much but hopefully some of these desserts can bring some joy to the children of Shadowdale and their families in this difficult time.

May Sehanine guide you both during these dark times.


Isiolia Nightstar, Bardess of Sehanine

The aforementioned drinks and baskets of food are left in an organized fashion outside the hospital. Once her task is done, the little elf hops off and hums to herself on the way back to the Dancing Moon.
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PostSubject: Re: Letter to Brother Jonah and Sister Laura   Tue Jul 21, 2015 2:28 pm

((Appologies for not getting to this sooner -- IRL is being all over the place for me lately.))

Jonah gladly accepts the left over food, and quickly organizes an event among those residents left in Shadowdale for a pre-mid-summer feast. Posting signs, and asking the school children to spread the word among the commuity, Jonah attempts to organize the event for the following night, in order to capitalize on the freshness of the food.

In addition, Jonah solicits some of the more culinary-inclined among adventurers to help add anything that might be missing -- desserts are always welcome (no explosives, please).
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Letter to Brother Jonah and Sister Laura
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