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 Labratory services of Mysty Falls

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PostSubject: Labratory services of Mysty Falls   Sat Jul 18, 2015 4:13 pm

" The Guild of Misty Falls announces the opening of our own lab for enchantment and alchemy.
Why would you travel to Misty Falls to use this laboratory?
We offer free access, for a limited time, to ALL recipies for enchants and alchemy - with the one stipulation : Share all enchanting information that you have, and the case that you are working on, so we can complete our library of enchanting information.

All recipes are currently held by Elektra Mysteria and are offered only for use in Misty Falls Laboratory, and will be returned fully to us, or our guards will arrest you , the recipie will be taken off your body , and your bones may never be found. Have a nice day."

(( seriously, dont run off with our recipes, we will get Dm to hammer ya for it. ))

(( at the moment, our alchemy table is updated ready to work but we are waiting for the next update to go in. . the mage bench is fine and ready now. The nearest bank from us , is in Two Forts, so bring what ya need with you.))
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Labratory services of Mysty Falls
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