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 Steel and Honor

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PostSubject: Steel and Honor   Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:55 pm

A roar as if from a lion shakes the Cormanthor.

A plume of green light appears from within the forest, shooting straight up into the heavens for a brief moment before it fades, glistening in the night sky. Then another column does the same, and another, and another.

Some folks counted as many as twelve of these columns coming and going in the course of the few minutes after that roar. Those within the forest would swear that each column left a bit of debris floating in the air, taking the shape of a tall, curvy woman with a sword on her hip and a cat on her shoulder, before dissipating in the wind.

Those Akh'Velahr fighting deep within the Cormanthor to save the forest from a deadly, life-draining fog would report that the sources of the fog had vanished that day, all at once, and for good.

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PostSubject: Re: Steel and Honor   Tue Jul 14, 2015 3:13 pm

(( I'm crying happy/bittersweet tears right now. This is amazing. ))

The thunderous sound breaks Maura out of her somber state as she patrols the North Ride. Her gaze abruptly moves to the sky as the first green plume appears. She quickly summons an air elemental to carry her above the trees. The roar of wind around her, the red-head watches with worry as the sky is filled with the green light. Catching a glimpse at the after-image though, assuages any concern she had.

Adding to the send off, Maura opens her mouth and emits three tremendous roars, filling the night air over the North Ride with sounds as loud as a falling mountain. She hovers in silence a moment, before descending to the ground and dismissing the elemental. A soft smile creeps onto her lips, but is quickly overtaken by a bout of distraught grief and tears. "You did it..." she weakly croaks out as she leans against a nearby tree and wipes at the tears spilling from her eyes.

(( Lion's Roar is the spell she's using. Cast three times, as that's all I usually keep slotted. Elemental Swarm was used to summon the elemental. ))
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Steel and Honor
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