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 Construction on the approach to Krag

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PostSubject: Construction on the approach to Krag   Mon Jun 29, 2015 1:30 pm

Workers, mages and slaves spill forth from the gates of Krag, guarded by elite soldiers and orcs. The Skymagi and their apprentices fly overhead watching from above for threats as these men and women begin laying down the foundations for buildings upon the side of the mountain.

Posters appear once again in the lands around Krag. They read:

"To all those who can cast the spell know as Wood Shape, a purse of 100 gold for each casting will be given. Further contracts may be discussed if the service provided is quick and efficient."

Underneath the words is a crude sketch of a pile of lumber with a seal of the Zhentarim stamped upon it. These posters are put up using a glue-like material, rather than nails, so as not to offend any druids who may be looking upon the flier.
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Construction on the approach to Krag
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