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 Elektra offers help amid the devastation

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PostSubject: Elektra offers help amid the devastation    Thu Jun 11, 2015 8:20 am

On her way to the alchemy lab, Elektra stops, stunned at the damage her eyes behold. The smell of burnt wood and ruin stabs at her nostrils.
She walks to the fire , where several are gathered, asking about events, and the town.
She makes an offer to any who will hear.

"To any who need shelter, medical aid or hope , Misty Falls has open doors, as well as rooms, beds food and . . . Lira has offered to help us set up a medical clinic . . . so we can help tend wounded. "

As she looks around at the damage, she ponders if offering builders and materials from the construction going on at the Keep of Misty Falls would be needed here. The walls and towers being under construction are greatly needed at home. . . and yet, could be greatly needed here.
After all, the Mages Guild in Shadowdale is also her responsibility here now.
Speaking with Arran at the fire, she offers him a tour of Misty Falls Keep, for she sees in him. . . a man seeking his own path . . . like most who come to the Keep.
They leave town together, speaking of the mages guild.
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Elektra offers help amid the devastation
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