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 Meeting with Elders

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PostSubject: Meeting with Elders   Sun May 17, 2015 1:19 pm

At the east gate , Elektra asked Jonah to enter the town to help her find a militia escort, as per current law. After he insisted that he was of obvious good stature and could escort her, she insisted that a legal militia person be found, as she knew well there were a select few who ached to trip her up on any technicality they could.
It seemed to her that there was something slightly sadistic in a common person, even those far less than perfect in their own lives, using the escort rule as a way to assert brutal, non legal authority over another person. . . but such is the way of life, how ever base it may seem.
To her surprise, Jonah returned with not one milita person, but a crowd of persons ripe with the boot grinding attitudes common to the Zhents who used to do the same at this very gate.
"Goodness.", she mused to herself, " How the Zhents would be proud." She wondered what their deities would think of their actions.
Then a guard came named Leonnard, who escorted her to the meeting with the elders. To her surprise, the guard shouted out a rebuke to the crowd, as well as one in particular.
Elektra kept silent , yet her inner voice was laughing hard.
She had to dwindle down the folks who were walking with them, to herself and Michael, for whom she called "Triad", for his affiliation with his deities.
They then met with the elders, presented the proposal prepared for them, and discussed it.
After the discussion and agreements were done, it was decreed that Elektra would now be able to use the town's alchemy tables . . . unescorted. . . BUT . . . only the alchemy tables, and only to work as proposed . . .not for social gathering. The usual conditions were added about violations etc, which she knew well was of no concern, as her purpose was clear.
She asked that some kind of notice be posted about the terms of this allowance, as she knew well that those select few would try , as always, to boot grind her every effort to serve the welfare and future of the town.
She left the area in a non obvious way to avoid what might be useless hostile banter of the bored and small.
The mission was now in motion.
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PostSubject: Re: Meeting with Elders   Sun May 17, 2015 5:16 pm

The priestess of Torm bustled into the General Store, bearing reams of paper, a bag packed to the brim with glass receptacles, and a wicker basket. She went to the guardian lady of the portal to the crafting hall. "Your pardon!  Is miss Elekrra within?  I need to consult with her!"
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Meeting with Elders
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