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 Note on the Public Board

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PostSubject: Note on the Public Board   Tue May 12, 2015 11:52 pm

To the citizens and visitors of Shadowdale,

Let it be known that the man known as Alexeander Lewenhart has been reinstated as Sheriff of the town of Shadowdale.

The Sheriff is responsible for the following:

Deputy Sheriffs
Upholding the Law
Enforcing the Law
Jail Duties/Executions if needed

Those of the Shadowdale Government in the positions of Administrator and Sheriff (regardless of rank) are not able to command those of the Militia or Guards. The same is said of those of the militia: They are not to command those in positions in the Shadowdale Government. Neither has power over the other and they are both equal in standings.

In the case of an emergency, command falls to the Elders and the Commander. If none of these people are able to be contacted for whatever reason, the Governmental Offices and Militia are to work together to see to the safety of the citizens.

This has been publically stated so that there is no confusion as to the roll and how it interacts with the Militia.

We look forward to having him once again in this position to aid in enforcing the Law within Shadowdale.


Elder Torst
Elder Rory
Elder Dorn
Commander Vorik
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Note on the Public Board
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