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 Demon in the goblin caves

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PostSubject: Demon in the goblin caves   Fri May 01, 2015 4:00 am

A shadowy figure clad in a some sort of runic armour of unknown origin has been seen in the goblin caves, creating a summoning circle out of fresh goblin corpses. After garbling a few phrases, a large demon was seen to have been summoned, and sent down the goblin tunnels to feed.

A later expedition, Led by Cosan Reinhart, guided by Serenity and composing of several gnomes, found little evidence for the demon, other then lots of carcasses, blood everywhere, a large summoning pyre and lots of large footprints. The Demon appears to either have escaped or disappeared. The summoner hasn't been found yet....

Current speculation is that the summoner is either a human male, possibly afilliated with the Zhents, or a drow in oversized armour, and that the demon may have have escaped into the underdark.
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Demon in the goblin caves
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