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 Angelus school of combat

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PostSubject: Angelus school of combat   Thu Apr 30, 2015 2:11 pm

Emirae’s school of combat

I Angelus Emirae servant of the red knight and Templar am offering my services to train and teach those interested in martial combat. I can offer more specialized training with bastard swords, as well as basic techniques in every other kind of weaponry available. I also offer specialized training in heavy armors as well as how to use lighter armors.  

Note that you have to be allowed within Shadowdale to receive training.

The training I offer in terms of sessions, either individual sessions or in packages. Each session will last a few hours, including theory and practical exercises such as sparring.

One session – 1000 Gold

Basic weapon package of five session’s - 4000 gold
Advanced weapon package of seven session’s – 6000 gold
Light armor package of three session’s – 2500 gold
Medium armor Package of four sessions – 3000 gold
Basic heavy armor package of five sessions – 4000 gold
Advanced heavy armor package of seven sessions – 6000 gold

For groups I also offer group combat lessons fighting in formation, pricing will be dependent on size of group.

Custom packages I can offer at customer discretion, however size and pricing will need to be discussed.

((OOC info – each session is going to be roughly one hour each))

If interested or have questions, send a letter to the old skull in addressed to Angelus Emirae with your requested training and questions. ((Pm me on the forum with interest and for suggested start time/date, i'm in europe)).
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PostSubject: Re: Angelus school of combat   Thu May 07, 2015 11:40 am

A parchment arrives addressed to Emirae.

" fellow servant of the Lady of Strategy:
Greetings from Elektra Myteria, servant of the Red Knight.
First, I would invite you to visit the only shrine to our deity that I am aware of in the Dales. I had it built in the shrine garden on lands of Misty Falls, and is freely open to all.
Secondly, I would seek your tutelage on group tactics, in order to better train our members and guards.
Though I have created group formation and strategy, called the Talon formation, I am willing to learn.
We have open grounds near the Keep of Misty Falls that can be used for training and teaching.
Please respond when convenient."
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Angelus school of combat
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