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 Dirty little svirf by the fire

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PostSubject: Dirty little svirf by the fire   Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:46 pm

Over the past tenday, the filthy svirfneblin, Pheriad, has been seen around and about the town.  Whether hiding in bushes watching the hoo-mans, or stopping to smell the flowers in the House of Plenty's garden, he has been seen, for better or worse. 

Following the calls of "creature" and "monster" and the many confusing glances given to him and his lack of the trade tongue, Pheriad persists.  Each and every day, he seems to be fumbling over more and more words picked up in the conversations with others of the campfire.  When not learning new words, he can be seen petting his new friends, the chee-kens, or walking in the forest surrounding the walls.

Most recently, with the acquiring of a teacher with astounding patience for his broken common and charades-speak, the Red Wizard, Ay-ren (as the miniature traveler would call him) has been assisting him.  To many seeing the exchanges, it would appear little more than trial and error, and pointing and naming objects, followed by gnomish translation and the common tongue version.
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Dirty little svirf by the fire
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