Role-Playing Persistent World for Neverwinter Nights 2
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 The end of the day

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PostSubject: The end of the day   Mon Apr 20, 2015 4:33 pm

Orrellius returned to Shadowdale with his bag of coins, an honest reward for hunting trolls. He looked at the notice board as he passed. There it was in black and white 500,000 gold lions bounty for her life!

He should be happy and his mind on a nights drinking and merriment but instead it was still back on the road. The female black knight who had burst from the undergrowth and questioned them, there had been a moment where his broad Whaloon accident had nearly led to a misunderstanding that would have seen him killed.

He headed to the tavern took a seat at the bar and ordered his usual bottle of cheap grog.  In recent weeks he had plenty of coin for better but there was something comforting about the familiar taste of cheap rot gut.

She had offered him and others coin to kill anyone who was a  friend of one unknown to him, a Bryanna. For all his love of coin he was not about to start a killing spree on behalf of some mad dog especially one that would see him swing on a gibb. Before he could think up a plausible excuse for rejecting her offer another figure appeared that of Kasia. He had met this Kasia she had been pleasant enough in his previous dealings, the kind of person people who refer to as a stalwart.

But it was what happened next that troubled him, Not the duel of words or even the physical violence that followed where the black knight was quickly layed out. It was how Sandra’s words of her personal pain at being cast out, seduced and cast aside had such at effect on him.

“You’re a fool Man” he muttered to himself. Briefly drawing the eyes of some of the other patrons in the inn.

Why should it be this way? he had never shared her pain, never been cast out, never been seduced and cast aside and yet he had been so caught up in the moment he stood up and offered words to defend her as she lay on the ground bleeding.

“That’s putting your neck on the line, Foolish! He cursed himself” again drawing the patron’s eyes and this time feeling uncomfortable he left the Inn to sit on the grass nearby.

Lucky you left them when you did he thought, its never a good idea to speak out for somebody like that. Did she put a spell on you? No your just a fool for a crazy woman. 10 more minutes may have seen you falling in love. Stay away from women like that and bounties! he instructed himself.

He chuckled and shook his head, drained the rest of the bottle and pulled himself to his feet to return to the inn for more.,
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The end of the day
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