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 A Brief Visit to the Church

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PostSubject: A Brief Visit to the Church   Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:29 am


After conversing with Ivaris and receiving word that the body of Ahri remained in the temple in Shadowdale, Lhanir would enter said building shortly after the information reached her ears, and approached the nearest sister in the church.


"Pardon, but I have a specific request to make of you. One of the bodies here, that of a former comrade, Ahri, has a sword on her person from another companion of ours that I am in need of. He has not returned since the day Ahri fell, and it is the only material possession I know he has owned. I require it to search for him... with use of a spell that perhaps you might understand would be enhanced with something that belonged to him." Patiently she regarded the woman, waiting for a response.

(PM'd Carbuncle)
(I would also like to request the chance to use the Scry spell... also permitting that the player accepts this attempt.)
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A Brief Visit to the Church
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