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 Ivaris searches for Bryanna.

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PostSubject: Ivaris searches for Bryanna.   Wed Apr 15, 2015 6:25 pm

Ivaris rushes to the dwarven halls.  His hood and armor soaked from the rain, he throws open the doors as the thunder crashes behind him.

"Bryanna, I must speak to Bryanna at once.  The matter is urgent!"

The dwarves tell him she is not currently within the halls.  He finds something to write with a hurriedly makes a note.


 I write to tell you that Lhanir and Azzelas seek the sword of Ahri.  I think they wish to use it to find Karovir.  Please speak with myself or them as soon as possible.


"Give this to her if you should see her, I must continue to look."

With that he returns once more to the pouring rains, disappearing into the night.
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Ivaris searches for Bryanna.
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