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 Letters Home

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PostSubject: Letters Home   Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:04 pm

Vharad looks about, unsure of who might be watching. He hands the messenger a letter to be sent to his father in Thay. He tips the messenger handsomely to ensure it's arrival. When the transaction is done, he simply goes about his business.

If opened, the letter reads:


It's not enough these ignorant sops stop me at every turn to discuss the morality of being a Red Wizard or interrupt my research, they also go and infect themselves with wild magic! How these lands haven't been over taken thus far is beyond my knowledge, but if I am to continue my research, I will have to deal with this wild magic issue first. Can't have the poor bastard imploding and taking everyone with him now can I?

So If you are able... I know things have not been the same without all of us being together back home... If you can have someone you trust send me copies of their notes in regards to wild magic and how to safely get rid of the damnable stuff, I would appreciate it greatly.

Fondest regards,
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Letters Home
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