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 To start a fire.

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PostSubject: To start a fire.   Tue Apr 07, 2015 1:41 am

It was decided in that moment by the fire. When the two spoke of the people, with how they hang their heads. The moments of sadness that still glistened in their eyes. They were a people without hope. They were without courage. They needed a fire. Something to warm their bones and remind them they are alive.

Yet it was also a time of remembrance. To honor those who had fallen. To send them off with the fondest of farewells. To tell old friends, "I'll see you on the other side."

The two spoke and decided that their needed to be a celebration of life. The day would be filled with merriment, laughter, games, dancing, most of all joy. They would have magic shows for the children. Something to rekindle that flame of life inside. To give them hope to keep living, that it is worth it. In the evening they would hold a candlelit vigil for the fallen. To remember their spirits as they pass from this life. From the dawn to the evening, it will be a celebration life.

Yet he had so much on his plate already. It was something he was willing to pour his heart into. Would that be enough to make a difference? Can one bleeding heart make a change?
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To start a fire.
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