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 Trinket Merchant!

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PostSubject: Trinket Merchant!    Mon Apr 06, 2015 5:41 pm

((I'm going to be hosting this event on Wednesday about 3 PM Central Time. PM me with character information and budget and I'll see what fun little trinkets I can make!))

A merchant a trinkets, baubles, and minor magical items has posted fliers all throughout the Crossroads, The Edge of the Cormanthor, and even some in Shadowdale Woods.

They Read:

"Trinkets and baubles for sale! Just what every new adventurer needs! I shall be stopping at Krag with all the finds that I have procured from many different venues! Should you be interested! Please drop by, and be nice! My friends in the Zhentarim won't be happy with me if my customers are roudy! I accept gold and favors too! No trades unless they are an item of equal value!

Below the words is a picture of a large caravan with all kinds of knick knacks and the like.
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Trinket Merchant!
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