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 A prayer outside the east gate

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PostSubject: A prayer outside the east gate    Mon Apr 06, 2015 11:49 am

A hooded woman in a green robe , kneels outside the east gate, facing away from the town.
   Tears fall as she bows her head, her body tensing as the emotions flow.
  In the far distance to the north area of town, could be heard screams and sounds of war, flashes in the night sky indicated spells were being flung through the air.
   Softly through her sobbing, she began to pray.
"Sune... Oh sweet Sune...hear me, as I need your love and heart of forgiveness now. Like in days of old, when you cleansed my heart from anger, vengeance and hate... Even while i was chained under the cruel hand of infernals. You... healed away great darkness... You taught me forgiveness and the blessings it brings, and the peace it leaves with  the lifting of endless burden.
 I need you again. For though I chose the Red Knight to follow, i did that for all those in the guild... To lead them with wisdom, to navigate the dangerous paths we must walk together. But... For me, just me alone... it is you , oh Sune... that heals me inside.
   Words spoken against me this day ... the accusations , the disbelief in truth and the rejection of my state of life that I live today ... the reviling against me in my time of freedom ...  My freedom where my soul finally soars away from the hopelessness of the hells... It all hurts.
Help me to forgive those who only see the past. Help me to understand their suspicions and accept their words against me. Remind my heart that they are reasonable, even in the midst of the pain they bring upon me.
  You cleansed my heart once and profoundly changed me forever. Lift me up again into your loving arms, hold me close to your breast, remind me that others suffer too, and that my pain may open doors to healing others.
Remind me that a heart that forgives is soul that carries few burdens. Remind me that words spoken against me have both basis and reason, even when I can't see that. ... especially when I can't see that.
   Remind me that what I did in my days of youth will haunt me until my end, and mar the memory of me long after.
  I forgive them."
   Feeling weak and almost lost, she comes to her feet, and walks east towards Mist Falls, struggling to push back the tears.
     As she went, her head bowed a bit and she prayed aloud.
"Red Knight... A demoralized soldier is a victory for the enemy... This fight tonight is not my time...".
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A prayer outside the east gate
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