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 A ghostly encounter.

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PostSubject: A ghostly encounter.   Sun Apr 05, 2015 12:58 am

Late in the evening, Ivaris tread the path leading beside the ruins of an old wizards tower. The taint of the foul enchantment still stained the ground, desecrating it. By chance he came upon a traveler, seemingly with his head in the clouds. He stopped and offered greeting. The man said his name was Rufus, he seemed to be looking at something that Ivaris could not see. Ivaris thought that the man might be a bit touched and was going to offer to take him home. In an instant a bear appeared beside Ivaris. Shocked by such an appearance, Ivaris lept away and raised his hammer to strike at the apparition. The ghost bear disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. After a brief dusting, the two made way for the crossroads.

Ivaris parted ways with the man, he went onward to Shadowdale to find someone with knowledge of ghosts. Fortune smiled upon him as a rude encounter gave way to meeting Tyraxus, an alchemist with knowledge of spirts. As he made his way back to Rufus, he thought gleefully to himself that things were going rather well. He shouldn't have done that. When he arrived, Rufus was gone. They looked around for him, when out of nowhere he appeared. He said that he had solved his problems, as he sheathed his sword. Rufus had attacked the spirit. After much discussion, they resolved there was something else to this. They decided to meet again, perhaps with more answers than questions.
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A ghostly encounter.
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