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 Ear In The Dark

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PostSubject: Ear In The Dark   Thu Mar 19, 2015 1:26 pm

Thal could never get used to how rich these shadowdalians seemingly were. Bartering in tens of thousands of gold pieces at a time. Now some rich folk from Amn, which he called his second home, are here to make a pretty penny off of the Dalelands.

"Who does that in a FARMING community anyway?" He shakes his head, mumbling to himself as he remembers the group of adventurers willing to spend half a million gold pieces on a jewel. What's worst is that he can't steal it from any of them! They all have big shiny swords, or can transform into things that generally speaking, have an appetite for eating people. Nope.

A noise below.

Thal looks down on the Amnian logging camp, taking note of all of the more elaborate tent designs. Workers and other types were walking about their business, while others were turning in for the night.

Down below, beneath the tree Thal was currently hiding in, a sentry stretches his arms a bit. Patrolling seemed to be taking it's toll on him. Drinking too! The man relieves himself on a large outcropping of stone not too far off to the side.

The smell!

Over the course of the next few days, Thal stays hidden during the day but slinks around the outskirts of the camp at night, careful to remain hidden while keeping an ear out for information that would be useful. If guard duty seems light, he would get close to the tents that look the most important, making sure to keep any light sources between himself and what he's trying to stay hidden from. Shadows were his friend, but so was light... if he wasn't a bonehead.
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Ear In The Dark
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