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  A Letter arrives for Asha Ironoath, commander of the militia

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PostSubject: A Letter arrives for Asha Ironoath, commander of the militia   Thu Feb 05, 2015 1:54 pm

The letter is a sealed parchment with a wax stamp of Misty Falls.
Upon opening it, there is revealed fine script penmanship, with high quality ink.

From : Elektra Mysteria
Headmistress of the Guild of Misty Falls
High Judicator and Law Giver of Misty Falls.
Friend, ally and protector of the Dales.

To the honorable Asha Ironoath, Commander of the Militia of Shadowdale.

Thane Valtore has opened the doors for us to communicate on matters that concern all folks of the Dales, currently the undead and Coven threats.
As a dedicated follower of the Red Knight, Lady of Strategies, I study upon many ways to win conflicts, improve both defenses and offensive tactics.
I have always offered to defend Shadowdale, and have done so in the past, after the liberation.
My hopes and offer is to serve all who may benefit from any and all resources that I have, including the town that you now protect.
The Guild of Misty Falls has a number of good folk willing to stand with you in time of need, as I personally will. It has been a long standing word of mine, that division among us , benefits the undead far more than it will us.

I seek an audience with you , to discuss how I , and the Guild , might serve.

Proving our dedication to the safety and freedom of all citizens in the Dales, hopefully, will lead to greater trust between us, and alliance, as well as open trade.

May Helm guide you and those you command,

Elektra Mysteria
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A Letter arrives for Asha Ironoath, commander of the militia
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