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 XP refund for loss of Data

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DM Carbuncle


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PostSubject: XP refund for loss of Data   Mon Jan 19, 2015 4:39 am

Hello dear Players, after a lot of testing, tweaking and retesting, having to deal with some rather severe and unexpected  Problems, we are now ready to go online again. That is the good News.

The bad News is, that we only have a backup from November 6th to work with, as the Data from the old machine was not able to be retrieved yet.

This means all Characters will be in their Version from that date... All XP, items and tokens received or found after that date are lost unfortunatly.

As its nearly impossible for us to try to reconstruct every individual XP and token awards done by DMs for all Players after the November 6th and stay fair to all Players, we have decided to give a general refund to all Players of the Server.

Therefore, all Players will receive a refund of 30.000 XP and 3 Lesser RP Tokens to be distributed among their Characters as they see fit. The Tokens can only be given to Characters who also receive XP.

You cannot give XP or tokens to characters that you just created after the Relaunch.

Any Epic Token Item that was given out during this time will be refunded (and the Epic token taken away again), as the requests are all still in DM land and easily reconstructed.

Any Events you have been part of during the "missing" time, have still taken place RP wise.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

We think however that this approach is the one that is most fair to everyone and that you all would prefer to start playing again rather sooner than waiting for us to maybe retrieve the newer Data sometime (which is not guaranteed to work).

Every Player that wants to have a refund for his Character needs to send in an PM to Staff requesting such, within the next 3 Weeks (ending on February 8th). These will be documented on DM Land so all DMs can see which Player already requested a refund or not.
Any requests for refund after the 3 Weeks cannot be taken into consideration anymore.
The XP refund request that you send to Staff needs to contain your Game Login, if different from your Forum Name.

We hope you all enjoy returning to the Dalelands and enjoy your RP

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PostSubject: Re: XP refund for loss of Data   Tue Jan 20, 2015 1:10 am

A clarification:

1) We are TENTATIVELY live, for purposes of testing.
2) There is still a possibility that the most recent character files will be recovered.


- DM's should avoid giving out compensation until the testing period is over, since the current character files could still be replaced, so it could be a waste of time.

- DM's should avoid handing out large XP and Token rewards, since, again, the replacement of character files could wipe out those rewards and make those players feel cheated out of something.

For that reason, the Feb 8 due date for compensation is currently suspended until a final determination about the data has been made.

I think people should feel free to RP, not just OOCly test, and should feel confident that whatever happens during this time is "canon", xp, loot, and token rewards notwithstanding.

Stress testing is going reasonably well, so far. We will know in a matter of days about the old HDD. Please hang tight, folks.
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DM Carbuncle


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PostSubject: Re: XP refund for loss of Data   Thu Jan 29, 2015 4:22 pm

Hello dear Players, as Archimedes already anounced, it looks like the Data is now truly lost and there will be no restoration of any server data from before November the 6th.

Therefore we will now go with the refund policy.

As our last refund offer was met with a lot of outrage, we have taken the time to review this, and to discuss all your suggestions and tried to find a way that is more appealing to a broader playerbase.

Here now is our final anouncement for the Refund of the lost Data.

each Player has the choice of one of three options for the Refund.

1: 120'000XP + 1 medium token.
2:   60'000XP + 2 medium tokens.
3: 3 medium tokens.

each choice of refund gives you the possibility to distribute the amount among your charactes as you see fit.

Of course you can only take one of the above choices.

Please make sure you follow these guidelines when you want to request a refund:

1. send in a PM to DM Team (preferably more than one DM to ensure your PM is read and posted asap)
2. the PM needs to contain the following Information: Your Game Login Name, the refund Option you want to take
3. After your PM is posted you can request the refund from any DM you see online on Client.

We need the PM before the deadline of February the 12th. PMs send in after the deadline cannot be taken into consideration.

The DMs will post your request in our special subforum and will also note how much XP you distributed to which character there.
Please dont ask a DM on Client for a refund if you have not send in a PM yet. We need the PM so everything stays organized and we dont loose track.

if you already send in a refund request we still Need to know which of the three above options you have chosen now.

The refund can be requested only for characters that existed before the Server death.
If your character was created after that, we need a Forum bio, some form of Forum RP the character participated in, or an app tied to that character.. or a DM who can verify that the character was made in that time. If one of the above holds true for your char you can request refund for him as well.

enjoy the relaunch!
DM Team
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DM Carbuncle


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PostSubject: Re: XP refund for loss of Data   Sat Jan 31, 2015 6:46 am

UPDATE: If you are a new Player who only joined our Server between November 6th and December 18th and you lost your Character without having any proof of its existance due to the Server dying, please contact DM Team and we will try to work out a solution with you.

DM Team
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DM Carbuncle


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PostSubject: Re: XP refund for loss of Data   Sun Feb 08, 2015 8:26 am

reminder: you have 4 more days to request a refund. You can still collect it after the Deadline. The request must be made until the 12th of February.
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DM Carbuncle


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PostSubject: Re: XP refund for loss of Data   Thu Feb 12, 2015 9:30 am

reminder: today is the Deadline for the refund for lost data.
If you haven't send in a request for refund yet, do so today.
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PostSubject: Re: XP refund for loss of Data   

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XP refund for loss of Data
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