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 MD Bladerite ritual, friday the 7th of November

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PostSubject: MD Bladerite ritual, friday the 7th of November   Thu Nov 06, 2014 10:48 am

The Coronal wrote:
in the name of the Coronal all around the City of Myth Drannor anouncement are being posted.
Quote :

In the name of all our People of the great realm of Cormanthyr, i call upon to the great heroes of our realm to come to our fair City of Myth Drannor and partake in the Bladerite Ritual.

Our beloved prince-consort Fflar Starbrow, aided by the heroic My´manir Arivaela'ruar and the Sha'Quessir Karovir Allamander, have returned the Aryvelahr Kerym to our Hands.

As is custom among our People those who deem themselves worthy of the blade will be allowed to draw it in the great Bladerite Ritual.
The Blade will judge those who attempt to draw it and punish those it finds lacking.

As is custom in our great City, she or he, who successfully draws the blade will be given the title of Arms-Major and with that the command of our Akh´Velahr.
With that we will return to our ancient Tradition. The title of Armathor will no longer be used for the leader of our Army, and once again the "Armathors" will be personal guard of the Coronal.

The Coronal also reserves the right to chose her Armathors personally.

Ilsevele Miritar
Coronal of Myth Drannor
Ruler of the 7th Rysar of Myth Drannor

Event will take place on the 7th of November
at 10 pm GMT
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MD Bladerite ritual, friday the 7th of November
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