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 Shadowdale East, at the Old Ranger's Camp

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PostSubject: Shadowdale East, at the Old Ranger's Camp   Wed Oct 29, 2014 8:53 pm

After a brief discussion between Ravossel and Archdruidess Lhanir, it was concluded that the small, burned portion of land in Shadowdale East was accidentally ignored by any healing attempts, and that they should make an effort to repair it. On a silent night without any interruptions, it seemed most convenient an opportunity of which to take advantage.

(For some reason they look incredibly dark, but the text is at least visible)
(Spoilered for massive screenies)


(By request, I'd like to see that small area cleaned up by the builders. The resting spot in Shadowdale East. No trees are necessary, just lighter soil or greener grass.)
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowdale East, at the Old Ranger's Camp   Sat Nov 01, 2014 12:17 pm

A day or so later, once the freshly turned soil had a chance to rest, and recover form being turned with the dead trees now fully under the ground. Ravossel and Donnleen head out one early evening to find some tree seeds, a sapling or two (( freshly str outed tree from the seed. )) along with wild grass seeds, and wild flower seeds.

By the time the sun has fully set, they have found, and gathered what they were looking for. The pair make there way back to were they along with Lhanir up turned the soil, and the dead plant life back into each other, with the new soil on top. Though out the night until the very very early morning fog started to roll in, Ravossel, and Donnleen work. They plant the tree seeds, and the saplings (( if the found any )) then go about scattering the wild grass and wild flower seeds. As the seeds are planed, and scattered they're covered with a bit of dirt to keep the animals from eating them.

Nonce finished they take a quick brake to have a snack just to hold them over until they reach there home deep in side Lurue's glade. As Ravossel takes out the snacks for them to eat, she spot a Potato. With a shrug Ravossel gets up and sticks the Potato in the freshly turned up soil.
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Shadowdale East, at the Old Ranger's Camp
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