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 Official Notice Arrives at Free Haven merchant refugee camp

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White Rose


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PostSubject: Official Notice Arrives at Free Haven merchant refugee camp   Wed Oct 22, 2014 9:21 am

Red Bird arrives at the Merchant camp of Freehaven refugees. A parchment that she carries is addressed as follows:

To the merchants of Freehaven , now residing at Two Forts.
Trixxie Windwhisper , Azgarul, Azagh, Tavan of Temple Waukeen , Veran of the guard, The Gypsy potion merchant, and all workers presently in service.

I , Elektra Mystria of the River Keep of Misty Falls, as headmistress of the House of Redemption, and High Judicator of the district of Misty Falls, would like to extend an invitation to your wise council, to discuss a possible business arrangement that would favor all involved.

With new developments in our lands, it has been suggested that we might have a location that could serve as a permanent site for your mercantile operations, lodging, and a place of belonging.
Misty Falls is located between major cities, and crossroads, with access to the east and west plains of Shadowdale, where many adventure minded folk not only pass, but need the services that you offer. We are interested in becoming a mercantile center, and need not become a competitor , if we can come to agreement.
Please consider this as an opening offer, with possible future negotiations, and I welcome you to make use of our facility, and see what we offer. Upon successful contract, we would celebrate our mutual good fortunes with construction of a shrine to Waukeen in our shrine garden.
May you prosper well under Waukeen.
Elektra Mystria."
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DM Carbuncle


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PostSubject: Re: Official Notice Arrives at Free Haven merchant refugee camp   Wed Oct 22, 2014 5:24 pm

((done IG with Sandra))
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Official Notice Arrives at Free Haven merchant refugee camp
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