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 a Decree at the gates of the keep at Misty Falls

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PostSubject: a Decree at the gates of the keep at Misty Falls   Thu Oct 02, 2014 1:30 pm

Elektra speaks on the front steps of the keep, while scribes record her words for posting in the cross roads and other roads well traveled.
" I , Elektra Mystria, the de facto authority of the House of Redemption and lands and jurisdiction of Misty Falls, do hereby announce , decree and proclaim, that a new order has come to Misty Falls, and that no servants of evil , pacted folks, nor violent , disruptive folks will be harbored, nor allowed from this day forward in the lands of Misty Falls, and is effective immediately.
. . . and as usual, Drow and Cyricits, Orcs and undead, Abyssal entities , necromancers , Zhents and such, as well as Mark, as always, will remain banned.
Violaters will be jailed. "

With that said, the scriptors complete their copies of the decree, and hand them to the messengers for posting.
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a Decree at the gates of the keep at Misty Falls
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