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 A Letter to the House of Plenty

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PostSubject: A Letter to the House of Plenty   Tue Sep 09, 2014 10:56 am

A Letter is delivered to the House of Plenty at an odd hour in the evening. It would be left on a table near the entry, or perhaps given to one of the Paladins that patrol the temple's halls.

The envelope is made of plain beige vellum and the message inside is of the same material and color. It is not sealed with wax or adhesive, but instead seemingly 'sewn' closed with a strand of narrow, freshly twisted twine.

Quote :
Clergy of Chauntea,

    I am writing to you with great concern for the surrounding farmland and its ability to provide for the denizens of Shadowdale. I have been made aware that some areas of crop yielding soil has been salted, and is no longer fertile, though I was not informed if this was of traditional methods or if the sterilization was magical in origin. Regardless of the method used, I would like to offer my knowledge and experience in restoring those plots affected.

As an aside to my aforementioned, I am curious; if the land is cleansed of this saline plague, will the town still require supplemental food sources to provide for the added numbers encamped around town? I have some ideas that might remove the need to purchase additional sustenance from without, and if you are interested, we might speak on this matter when it is most convenient for any persons of authority in the field.

I look forward to your response of any medium, in hopes of a better prepared Shadowdale.


Brother Mason Brass
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PostSubject: Re: A Letter to the House of Plenty   Tue Sep 09, 2014 11:08 am

A letter is sent in reply to Mason.
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A Letter to the House of Plenty
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