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 Supply Caravan Destroyed

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PostSubject: Supply Caravan Destroyed   Sun Sep 07, 2014 11:50 am

After investigating smoke west of Shadowdale a Group of adventurers led by Eustace come upon a Burning caravan that had been carrying foods goods and other general supplies to Shadowdale. Everyone had been tortured, some spitted and cooked over the fires. all Tracks indicated it was skeletons that did the work, a grop numbering roughly between twenty and forty. Traps of the deadly sort had also been laid and indications showed that the group attacking had been very skilled disciplined and concise with their attacks, much like those that attacked and now roam the desert near Freehaven.

After gathering what knowledge they could Maura and Ranya set out to spread word amongst the leaders of various factions through out the dales, notably , The Ironhouse Dwarves, Myth Drannor, and The House of Redemption, urging once again that all work together and do something before once again another settlement falls to The Horde and weakens the Dales to the point none may oppose them.
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Supply Caravan Destroyed
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