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 The deadly mist

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PostSubject: The deadly mist   Sat Sep 06, 2014 3:50 am

For the next two weeks, any adventurer traveling through the Shadowdale woods would be approached by a rather large wolf covered in leather bindings. After a few sniffs, the wolf would assume the shape of a large man. If they were not hostile or mean he would give them this warning "If a cold mist comes rolling in, do not linger. A massive creature with red eyes and unparalleled strength resides within the mist. It slaughters all the people it finds, and shows no care for animals. Walk within the Forest Queens path." Shortly after the warning he would shift back into the wolf and run off.

(I will be doing this in game as well, this is mostly for while I'm at work. Also the few who know what Gon looks like in his armor would recognize him in his Aasimar form)
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The deadly mist
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