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 A call to any faithful to Kelemvor

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PostSubject: A call to any faithful to Kelemvor   Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:15 pm

"Brothers and sisters in faith, I, Milo, paladin and Doomguide of our merciful Lord, beckon you to come together in the days ahead to take on the duties of our faith.

"I ask not that you take up arms, but that you instead prepare for our less eventful but more important tasks as caregivers, undertakers, and listening ears for those in mourning.

"I want to emphasize that these duties come first for all who are not official warriors in the church. The front line is only one part of the battle. Behind the scenes, there will be much work to do. Prepares yourselves, brothers and sisters, for the days to come."

The note is signed M.R. and stamped with the insignia of Kelemvor - a skeletal arm holding the scales of justice.

((Was wondering if the DMs could work something out for me, in case there would be any Kelemvorite NPCs in town. Groundskeepers at graveyards, undertakers, tombstone makers, embalmers, crypt guards, issuers of death certificates, etc. Just for a bit of faith-based RP for Milo outside of the Kelemvorite warriors on their way to SD. Thanks!))

((EDIT: Any PCs who are Kelemvorites are more than welcome to speak with Milo too! This could be a good start for getting a church in the area ;D ))
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A call to any faithful to Kelemvor
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