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 The broken element

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PostSubject: The broken element   Fri Aug 08, 2014 4:28 am

"I love you." The words she wanted to tell him, but never got the chance. Through her innocence she though him a good man, yet did not see his lust beneath his charm. She had never been with a man, and no intentions on doing so until she found the one she would love forever. He protected her, taught her, and guided her as she learned the ways of the dale.

They became close. So close that she fooled around with him from time to time. Yet she remained true to herself. He never tried to force her to do anything, and was respectful of her wishes. So she put the question to him. "Could you only be with me, desire only me and no other?."

For three days he pondered over his options and choices. On the evening of the third day, he sat her down and told her his answer. "I can not be with only one woman. You are not worth it to me." (Or at least that is what she heard.)

She felt as if her heart had been ripped from her cheat still beating. She loved this man yet he cared little beyond her flesh. She ran from his presence with tears and lighting beyond her control. She ran as far as the wind would carry her.

That night under the open sky and stars she prayed to Akadi to give her the strength she needed to survive and take her away on the wind that carried her here.

(Minor details changed to protect third parties and avoid meta Smile. )
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The broken element
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