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 Obsession in the Mines.

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PostSubject: Obsession in the Mines.   Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:53 pm

(( I got bored so I started RPing with myself while waiting for the kobolds to respawn.. It brought up some interesting thoughts and ideas so I figured I'd try to make a post about it so.. here's my first attempt at an RP thread! ))

Deciding that she needed to learn how best to use her new swords and perhaps make some extra coin, Cecily climbs down into the kobold's mine. Once inside however, she notices that she can't hear any kobolds so she ends up waiting for them to come out. Eventually, her secret love of dragons compels her to go over to the dragon head statue and inspect it.


When she finally starts hearing the kobolds wonder about, she hesitates.. She typically doesn't like to try and talk to little scaly creatures with sharp pointy objects, but she can't help but want to know how those statues were made.
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Obsession in the Mines.
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