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 Yet Another Letter to the Citadel of the Purple Dragons [For DM Revenant]

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PostSubject: Yet Another Letter to the Citadel of the Purple Dragons [For DM Revenant]   Wed Jul 23, 2014 10:20 pm

A letter, waxed with the official seal of the Purple Dragons of Cormyr, is sent via House Illitharia messenger under escort of Illitharian Houseguard to the Citadel of the Purple Dragons in Suzail, addressed to the Garrison Constal on duty.

Garrison Constal,

I write with much urgency with regards to recent events that have transpired in the Dalelands. Lady Marrian, of House Vivar, has been slain en route to Shadowdale while on her way to meet with War Wizards operating in the Dalelands under command of the Comyrean Crown. House Vivar forces are broken and scattered, and Grey Scale and usurper forces led by one Lady Iriane seek to capitalize on the trade routes that they have removed House Vivar from.

Sir Haert of House Mantiir, the Silver Sword and betrothed to Lady Marrian, has recently arrived. However, without further guidance, we are at a loss for how to further proceed. We have reason to believe that the Grey Scales employ powers from beyond this realm, including that of a Pacter. As a result, I plead for the assistance of the Citadel and/or War Wizards to assist with this growing crisis, that might escalate into a civil war.

Loyally to the Crown,
First Sword Eleiryanna Illitharia
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Yet Another Letter to the Citadel of the Purple Dragons [For DM Revenant]
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