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 Call for task force against Undead

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PostSubject: Call for task force against Undead   Sat Jul 19, 2014 10:31 pm

Elektra pens the following on parchment in the Office of Legal Affairs of Misty Falls :

"To all members of the Dales,
A gathering of qualified folks is requested in the Battleporium of the House of Redemption, for the task of forming an expeditionary force, with the purpose of breaking into the undead town outside of Freehaven, for the goal of searching for phylacteries of the 4 liches that now lead the undead forces.
This town of undead is under suspicion for the following reasons : The presence of powerful undead now clutter the grounds outside the gate, as well as the gate is now barred and locked.
There is no certainty what will or will not be found, and no certainty as to survival of this expedition, but , for the sake of all the Dales, We will go, and we go in hope and faith.
As is consistent with policy of Misty Falls, I, Elektra Mystria, High Judicator, do open our lands to those who dedicate themselves to destruction of the undead, as long as each comes in peace and tolerance of others.
All who come with disruptive intent and action, will be deemed agents of the undead and treated accordingly. The traditional hatred of the Dales divides us , against a unified foe that grows, it will destroy us. I beseech all to gain tolerance of other factions until the curse of undead and liches is removed from the land.
In wisdom,
Elektra Mystria "

this post is then copied by House staff and posted in various places around the Dales.
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PostSubject: Re: Call for task force against Undead   Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:06 pm

One of the guards reads over the note and rips it down, spitting to the side.

"This woman be banned from this town. Not about to let some warlock woman spreadin shite and trying to twist our minds. Crazy devil-humpers."
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Call for task force against Undead
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