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 A servant approaches the Ahk'Velahr

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PostSubject: A servant approaches the Ahk'Velahr   Sat Jul 19, 2014 8:11 pm

"Offering bread"

With hesitant, yet quiet footsteps Ticla approaches the Ahk'Velahr encamped just outside Shadowdale. She is unarmed, and unarmored, wearing a simple servant's tunic. In her arms she carries a plate with several loafs of bread, some fine wine from the Inn and fruits.

Hesitant she speaks a welcoming word.

"In name of the people of Shadowdale you are welcomed, lords of the Ahk'Velahr. Please accept this gift in the name of the human village you protect."

She offers the plate as a gesture of kindness from herself and those she serves in her own words.

No demands she asks, rather came with a gift of friendship from her human race to the Elfs encamped outside Shadowdale.

If allowed, Ticla would give her name "Teek-la, servant of Kalin" and wander off after handing over the gift.

Kalin would surely approve of this gesture, she whispers to herself.
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A servant approaches the Ahk'Velahr
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