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 Rumors of a Giant -- felled in the orc plains

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PostSubject: Rumors of a Giant -- felled in the orc plains   Wed Jul 16, 2014 10:15 am

*Due to the sheer number of witnesses and tendency for "tall" tales to spread like wildfire around the Dales. Stories would flourish that the House of Redemption, packed with guests was assailed by retreating Orcs, Trolls, and Orogs who were running from what was later scouted out to be a massive giant of possibly the storm or cloud variety. Some of them were so panicked they even climbed the lower parts of the unfinished wall and made it into the secured courtyard.

The House took no time in determining the best course was to be rid of this fell beast and they successfully hunted it down, precariously near to the Black Hounds compound. Though many orcs fled from the beast, the Giant did have a company of orc barbarians at his command which tried to protect him but were dispatched.*

///I'll get a few screenies up when I can. Thanks FOE! WhoogahHAH
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Rumors of a Giant -- felled in the orc plains
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