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 A devious ploy in the Ironhouse Halls Mines

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PostSubject: A devious ploy in the Ironhouse Halls Mines   Tue Jul 15, 2014 7:57 pm

A duergar named Dunkill Bitterspore has found her way to the surface. Wearing a breastplate and a full face covering pot helm. She has been walking about exploring, trying to sell stuff to a merchant in Shadowdale when she was dismissed from the town, for refusing to remove her helm, accusing the guard of being a theif wanting to steal her magical helm! She was bitter and took notice of his face before the city doors was shut close behind her(eastern gates). "I will get that one..." she thought to herself as she walked along the eastern trail. ((( No screenshots of this unfortunately... =(((

1-She walked and walked until she stumbled upon something precious. An area that teemed with dwarven projects.
She walked back whence she came from and when far enough out of sight, she cast invisibility on herself and sneaked back. Exploring the area carefully she found a cave entrance. She crept inside and looked about. First she found the Main Hall entrance, took note of that and turned to explore the other corridors.

2- Now this was an interresting find. Two pens with huge boars, razor boars although she would have no way of knowing, she thought those might be the dwarves food source and thought about poisoning the boars food to hurt the dwarves occupying this cave. She decided against it for now, thinking other and bigger targets might be ahead. So she crept along, taking note of the areas layout and scowling at the craftsmanship which she found typical of whimsical surface dwarves.

3 - As she continued the to her surprise found the perhaps best target a terrorist could wish for. She praised Ladugar silently and checked her backpack for poisons to poison the water source of the Ironhouse clan. She found that she only had a bit of bee venom and some scorpion venom, which clearly would not do to such a huge water source. It could maybe give the first few dwarves to drink a slight headache and soft stomach. That wouldnt do.

So she continued as she figured that even if she would poison the boars, they might not even eat the poisoned hay. And the trouble of taking them out with her sling was too much of a hassle, and it would have caused major commotion, alerting the dwarves.

4 - Now look at this she thought to therself as she came across a wide and huge gate. "Something important is bound to be in here for sure. " she thought. She slowly pushed the gate open, crept in and slowly closed the gate behind her. And she found such a cute sight, had she not been so twisted and warped. 6 or more piglets were suckling a giant mother boars udders. This was perfect. She walked around for a minute or two, pondering a plan, when she hears something on the other side of the gate, she went back and opened it and a huge boar came in raging and frothing. It attacked the piglets, killing every single one before taking on the mother boar Hilda. Hilda however threw the smaller boar into the cave ceiling using her snout, tusks and sheer brute force...

5 - She knew after that display of strenght shown by Hilda when she was protecting her now dead piglets, that this would have to be dealt with in a "hands clean" fashion, she got forth some of her best traps. Those were 1 deadly acid splash trap, 2 deadly sonic traps, 3 deadly negative energy traps, 2 deadly fire traps and last but most cruelly an average poison trap. She began preparing the traps and dug holes all around Hilda, she placed the traps carefully around and beneath the huge mother boar. Being carefull to curl the trip wires loosely around the boars legs, so that if it moved it would trigger the traps. She used the utmost speed and caution for this. But she knew herself well enough to know that even if the traps should trigger, they wouldnt be able to harm her much, so confidently she got it done.

6 - Feeling satisfied with her ploy she closes the gate behind her again and creeps towards the exit, as silently as she entered. She had forgotten all about her other ideas now, and only thought about getting out before the bundle of traps would trigger and most likely alert some dwarven patrol.

When she came out she glimpsed her eyes angrilly at the sun, wandering off to somewhere else...

OOC Proof of the traps being set:

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PostSubject: Re: A devious ploy in the Ironhouse Halls Mines   Tue Jul 15, 2014 8:13 pm

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A devious ploy in the Ironhouse Halls Mines
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