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 Shadow Magic and the Shadow Weave

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Shadow Magic and the Shadow Weave Empty
PostSubject: Shadow Magic and the Shadow Weave   Shadow Magic and the Shadow Weave EmptyMon Jul 14, 2014 6:50 pm

There is often a big confusion on this among Players.
So i hope this thread will clear this up once and for all.

First: no player is allowed to RP using the Shadow Weave. This goes with the rule "RP your sheet" using the Shadow Weave woud require the Shadow Weave feat, wich we dont have available on our server. This would also go along with serveral advantages and disadvantages.

Second: (true) Shadow Magic is not the same as using the Shadow Weave. You can use (true) Shadow Magic and either use the Weave or the Shadow Weave. And (true) Shadow Magic is not the same as spells with the (shadow) discriptor/subschool.

A Child of Night for instance uses Shadow Magic. The shadow themed spells available on our server are not Shadow Weave spells. Spells like "Shadow Conjuration" or "Shadow Shield" are Illusion spells that have the (shadow) discriptor but still use the Weave. There is no such thing as specific Shadow Weave spells, either all your spells are Shadow Weave or none.
You are either using the Weave or the Shadow Weave, but never both.

As Player on our server your Character is always using the Weave.

please take a look at this source:

Wizards of the Coast wrote:
Shadow Magic and the Shadow Weave

There is a fundamental difference between shadow magic and Shadow Weave magic. Shadow Weave magic users derive their power from a source of magic created by the goddess Shar that occupies the negative space between the Weave. Shadowcasters typically use the Weave to channel their magic directly from the plane of shadows. In this way, shadow magic has more in common with conjuration spells of the Weave than it does with spells cast via the Shadow Weave. Despite the differences in methodology and philosophy, many shadowcasters are naturally drawn to the Shadow Weave.

Shadow magic users can qualify for the three Shadow Weave feats described in the Player's Guide to Faerun. Those who take the Insidious Magic feat also gain an additional benefit. When they are capable of using their mysteries as supernatural abilities (rendering the benefit of the feat obsolete), they instead receive a +1 on the DCs of their mysteries used against Weave users. This bonus stacks with the Spell Focus feat and any other feat or special ability that increases the DCs of mysteries. This does not apply to mysteries from the transmutation or evocation schools.

Wizards of the coast wrote:
shadow subschool

A shadow spell creates something that is partially real from extradimensional energy. Such illusions can have real effects. Damage dealt by a shadow illusion is real

an important note however: (true) Shadow Magic draws its power from the Shadow plane (i.e. the Child of Nights powers, but not spells like Shadow Conjuration, who just barely scratch the surface).
The FR Shadowplane, unlike the general D&D Shadowplane, is "mildly evil" aligned.
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Shadow Magic and the Shadow Weave
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