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 Fangs of Malar

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PostSubject: Fangs of Malar   Sun Jul 13, 2014 8:33 pm

Mark made his way to the Fangs of Malar where the infested beats lurked and hunted lost adventurers, he only killed those beasts that were foolish enough to attack him while making his way to the altar to Malar situated there.
He used his pickaxe to carve the symbol of Nobanion on the altar then carved a text on the stone, very patiently while killing painlessly any animal that attacked him using his sword with deadly accuracy.
"Just as Nobanion defeated Malar in the Gulthmere forest, you will be kicked from here. - Mark"

He then wrote a message on a parchment and used a fang from one of the dead beasts to pin it to a tree
"You attack people on my land and you sign your death warrant, I will be at the Crossroads, come with everyone and everything you have... you'll need it.
- Mark"
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Fangs of Malar
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