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 A Letter Sent to the Citadel of the Purple Dragons

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PostSubject: A Letter Sent to the Citadel of the Purple Dragons   Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:51 pm

A script, sealed in wax with the dual signet of House Illitharia and the official seal of the Purple Dragons of Cormyr, is sent via messenger to the Citadel of the Purple Dragons in Suzail, addressed to the Garrison Constal on duty.

Garrison Constal,

Warm tidings from the town of Shadowdale; I am writing to report an incident of recent note involving an internal Comyrean conflict that is starting to turn the Dalelands into a battlefield, that I feel may warrant the attention of the Lord High Marshall. Initial reports indicate that Grey Scale Company mercenaries were deployed by the Crown to disrupt supply lines of Usurper forces under the banner of the Vivar Mercantile group, which allegedly has ties to Cormyrean nobility. The Grey Scale contingent present in the Shadowdale vicinity has been all but decimated, with few blades remaining. An agent of the Crown has also been captured, held in a holding cell of the Black Hounds mercenary group.

Upholding my Oath, I myself was brought into direct conflict as Grey Scale stragglers were assaulted by Vivar forces under the command of one Belur Taur. Belur Taur himself is now dead, and I witnessed the incineration of his body to prevent resurrection after we failed to return him from the dead to be brought to Cormyr for questioning. I am in possession of documents, including deployment orders, found on his body. The Grey Scaled have sent for reinforcements, but I fear their communications may have been intercepted. The situation as it stands does not add up to logic, and the conflict is beginning to escalate to all-out bloodshed that is creating ill-will towards Cormyr in the Dalelanders.

There is much that I have not communicated in this letter, for fear that this may be compromised. There are few loyal to the Crown here, though individuals from Myth Drannor still respect our ties. I respectfully request the deployment of a small contingent of Purple Dragons and Purple Dragon Knights to assist in ensuring that truth and justice prevail.

Loyally to the Crown,
First Sword Eleiryanna Illitharia
The seal of House Illitharia is inked below the signature
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PostSubject: Re: A Letter Sent to the Citadel of the Purple Dragons   Wed Jul 09, 2014 11:13 pm

No reply would be received.

((Dealt with in game))
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A Letter Sent to the Citadel of the Purple Dragons
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