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 Fliers posted about

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PostSubject: Fliers posted about   Sat Jul 05, 2014 12:58 am

A dozen fliers would be placed along the area nearing Shadowdale, they are simple and contain no pictures or flair.  Instead there is just a large series of words spread across the page, the writing starts extremely precise towards the top of each page, but towards the bottom there are smudges of ink out of place and letters out of placement to the rest of the line.  Four of these fliers would be placed along the paths north of shadowdale, placed from Ella to Silverhands estate.  The rest are in the center of town itself.

Quote :
The following is an account of collected knowledge on the disease currently afflicting the dales:

I encourage everyone to use this as a general guideline, but not fact as it may prove subject to change as more is learnt about this disease.
- - - - -

It spreads by touch.

It creates malformations in those it affects.

It does not create malformations based on classifications, such as animal type, gender, age, height, weight and numerous other studied factors.

It does not spread the same effect from one creature to another, an infected canine may have an extra limb, infect its mate and the mate instead have its eyes discoloured.

It does not seem to further develop once it has afflicted a creature; in other terms, those infected with the disease do not seem to be capable of obtaining other malformations from further disease contact.

It is not deadly by default, but some strands of the affliction may kill depending on how it malforms you.

It is likely that the disease can bypass through magical wardings such as stoneskin, barkskin, tortoise shell and such. (Unconfirmed)

It is incurable by those with divine power to normally fight disease, tests have this proven true for the commonly accessible spells possessed by Paladins, Priests and Druids thus far.

It seems incurable by arcane measures as well, further tests should be ran on this.

It seems Paladins are immune to the disease, I've two reports of paladins touching infected creatures with no repercussions.

It is uncertain if clothing fully protects you from infection, but I recommend covering your arms, hands, legs and feet as they touch other things most often.  It is also recommended that you dispose of any clothing which came in contact with the disease.

It is spread by Talonite cultists, these cultists are too infected.  The cultists are led by a priest they called Most Fatal Horror, research showed this is a rank in Talonite hierarchy.  Though I found little more.

Most Fatal Horror introduced themselves as Tuanta Quiro Miancy, which is abyssal for the same words.
Implications suggest abyssal help may involved in this disease, though this is unconfirmed speculation and should currently be considered nothing more than that.

Effects seem to be fought method of restoration, seek those who have access to the spell for healing.

Restoration is not guaranteed to work, an disease carrier today showed otherwise.  It is suggested you still seek out a healer to attempt the spell on you, if it does not work please isolate yourself from contact with others until a cure is proven to work.

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PostSubject: Re: Fliers posted about   Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:42 am

Zihark would be seen going about to each of his posters and striking through lines, altering the information.
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Fliers posted about
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