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 To All With Open Eyes

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Lairena Eitery


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PostSubject: To All With Open Eyes   Tue Jul 01, 2014 12:02 am

Making no attempt to hide the gesture, a woman composed of slender curves, soft, warm-brown skin and big round eyes pulls out a thin ornate dagger and stabs it through a silver ribbon, tacking the length of fabric onto the board in a single swift motion.  She does not disturb any other postings in the process.  She wears a hood just high enough upon her head to cover her ears and hair, leaving her face to be plainly seen.  With pale eyes that reflect the moonlight and nearby torchlight, she stands at about 5'6" in height and is marked with a series of pale white feather tattoos that trail down her cheeks and neck to disappear beneath her collar.  They scatter her shoulders and what skin can be seen despite her dress, particularly upon her right arm.  Calmly, with a rather neutral demeanor, she leaves the ribbon there, anyone near enough to her at the time might even catch a small smirk and hear her mutter, "Keep your friends close... But your enemies closer..." As she leaves town again.

Upon the ribbon, the message is scrawled in plum colored script and it reads:

To the weary, to the lonely.
To the unheard, to the forgotten.
We call out to thee to speak,
To cry out and be heard,
To impart the knowledge of the unbiased few.

Gather unto the Fox & Crane,
Our Society home for those who'd wish it.
Gather into our Sanctuary,
Where we might spread knowledge,
Where understanding might take root.

We, the Fox & Crane Society,
The Observant Few, extend this invitation to all of you,
Gather under a crest of knowledge,
And stand guard over balance.

Join us and teach by example,
Teach by diversity,
And teach by faith.

Seek out our Lady Crane,
Her silver symbol forever at our backs.

At the base of the ribbon is drawn two symbols, the first of a Crane rising from a lotus flower and the second is two Ls nestled within a barbed crescent, the image struck through by a bookman's needle.  Beneath even that, is a name finally.

~ Lairena Eitery
Book Mistress of the Liberum
Lady Crane of the Fox & Crane Society

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PostSubject: Re: To All With Open Eyes   Thu Jul 03, 2014 7:19 am

((Lairena, please contact me via PM.
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PostSubject: Re: To All With Open Eyes   Thu Jul 03, 2014 2:32 pm

A reply is posted on the board:

"I would very much like to meet and speak with you, please leave a message for me at the inn with any times you have available.

- Syvin Avarson"
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PostSubject: Re: To All With Open Eyes   

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To All With Open Eyes
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