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 A faithful servant begins his new path in life...

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PostSubject: A faithful servant begins his new path in life...   Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:16 am

Having spent years as a dedicated destroyer of the undead, Milo Rolston has an understanding of their weaknesses that exceeds that of most other folk. His faith in Kelemvor has never wavered, his loyalty remaining unfaltering. His expertise in tracking the movements of undead and detecting their presence, as well as his exceptional and continual fulfillment of his duties to Kelemvor, have allowed Milo to take on his duties as a Knight of the Wild. His commitment to purging the unnatural extension of life has become even stronger.

Milo heads off into a deep section of the woods to pray and to reflect on his years of training. He remains there for a night and awakens with a replenished vigor.
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A faithful servant begins his new path in life...
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