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 a message carried to the Elders of Shadowdale

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PostSubject: a message carried to the Elders of Shadowdale   Wed May 28, 2014 5:13 pm

"Elders of Shadowdale, or who it may concern,

I am Tharan, an information broker currently working out of Freehaven. I would like to officially request the right to wear a mask in your fine town so that I may bring my business to your people without them needing to risk the now quite dangerous trip to Freehaven. The mask is required for my business, but if it is required for you to verify my identity it can be removed once. I am willing to carry papers of identification if needed, but I will not remove my mask for your guards.

In exchange for this privelage, I would be willing to sell my information at a discount to the government members of Shadowdale.

If you refuse this offer, please reply via a message delivered to the one who brought this message.

Please consider this valuable offer,

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a message carried to the Elders of Shadowdale
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