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 Letter to the Elders of Shadowdale

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PostSubject: Letter to the Elders of Shadowdale   Thu May 15, 2014 8:33 am

Elders of Shadowdale.

Many welcomes from the House of Plenty. I, preceptress Sophia Everheart, write to thee, asking for council on a matter of the upmost importance. Having returned after several months away, with others of my faith in the Great Mother, I would ask that renovation of the Shadowdale Orphange and Homeless Sheter continue, Know that if there are funds in the House of Plenty's coffers I would gladly donate said resources to this project.

The reason I beseech this of ye, is tht I have seen too many homless, orphaned and widowed families, and citizens parked and sleeping rough around the Shadowdale area, having already spread my coin around to those that re in need of nutrition and sustenace, I would ask that you hear my words and grant an audiance when possilbe.

May the Mother guide, watch and protect you,

Preceptress Sophia Everheart

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Letter to the Elders of Shadowdale
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