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 A Public Inquiry About Mining

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PostSubject: A Public Inquiry About Mining   Sun May 11, 2014 3:48 pm

Kalin begins wandering about Shadowdale, asking people for their opinions about trying to expand Shadowdale's economy from farming to farming and mining. He seeks out both adventurers and non-adventurers for their input.

"It would seem that Shadowdale is surprisingly rich in gems and minerals. Adventurers frequently return from the various tunnels and mines with diamonds, emeralds, rare metals, and more. If new, safe, mining sites could be established, or existing ones could be cleared of their hostile inhabitants, it might be possible to create a rather profitable industry in Shadowdale."

"The benefits are simple: Jobs, taxes, and trade. Jobs for miners and guards, metallurgists and blacksmiths, gemcutters and jewelers, merchants and teamsters. Taxes to pay for Shadowdale's defenses, public works, the protection of the trade routes, maybe even a school, and whatever else the city wants. Finally, increased trade with the other Dales and foreign merchants, meaning a greater variety of things to buy and at lower prices, making Shadowdale a more comfortable place to live. Plus, more local trade, as non-farmers need to purchase food instead of simply growing it."

"The costs and risks are more complex. The project would require an initial investment to set up the mines and cover wages before it starts earning a profit. Sites would have to be surveyed, land dug up, and specialists brought in. Certain tunnels might have to be cleared of their current, hostile inhabitants, with the added risk that they might later try to retaliate. We might have to eliminate groups of bandits and orcs so we can export whatever we dig up. And a new industry means new people moving into the Shadowdale, potentially changing the culture and makeup of the region to a degree."

"Thorough planning and smart governance could minimize a lot of the risks, costs, and changes, but little in life is free and there is always a chance something could go wrong. The real question is whether the pros outweigh the cons. So... Thoughts?"

Details about potential mining sites Kalin would go into if asked:

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PostSubject: Re: A Public Inquiry About Mining   Sun May 11, 2014 4:08 pm

ChiFlav wrote:

"The giant fire ant nest is another good place. They would need to be smoked out and guided towards the northeast--away from Shadowdale--but it should be possible to clear the tunnels. That said, it is rarely smart to disturb an ant's nest. They tend to be territorial and might cause trouble until their new nest is established. Also, druids. They would probably dislike the idea of people displacing nature."

Kalin already received his answer from the druids. There would be no "probably" from the Arch Druidess, and her words would imply that she did not care about the already excavated areas, seeing as they would be the least costly to reconstruct given that they have been mined upon. The ant warren however, as forewarned, would go untouched save for the handful of adventurers that chose to risk entering the ant's home to acquire ore and gems as per the usual.
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PostSubject: Re: A Public Inquiry About Mining   Sun May 11, 2014 5:34 pm

blue would hear of this in his travels to and from the town doing exactly that mining and visiting stores..

while I cant abide by the replacing the ants or the gnolls though I would like to the ants at least are naturaly there and have been for many upon many years.. while I agree the ant are into town being closed as it was any further attempts to industrialize their area should not take place it should remain as it is now.. I would concede to a guard route being placed just out of range of the ants for the towns safety..

now for the kobolds and the goblins.. those areas could be cleaned out and set for mining should you want to attempt such a feat as I remember when they came to the area by force and taken the places they now stay.. they also killed a few of the weaker farmers to do so.. those two areas can be set for civilian mining if the town would like such.. keep in mind this will also disrupt your appeal to adventurers in training as well as it will leave them little place to train but in more difficult areas..

by so doing this will also effect any new guards or military members from receiving training and reduce your recruitment numbers.. one way to off set this is to capture as many of the kobolds and goblins as you can and take them outside of town or relocate them to a new home near by.. to allow for such training and so forth.. while maintaining your appeal to those who would seek such and maintain your own safety and security..

my advice to you would be simple talk to the elders have them get the farmers thoughts and the merchants already in place.. form a price list that is reasonable but fair to all meaning they make profit but its not so outrageous that it makes me want to come in and beat people over the head with a staff..

this should also make it so the farmers may buy such things should they want to and form nest eggs to live on if crops fail or gold run short or just so they can please their women folk at times with a simple gift.. then you have your crafters as well who will not like the standardized pricing as much as I would as it creates a honest and fair pricing for all.. you also have to take in the mages and many other aspects you have not considered yet..

this type of thing would effect the whole town in many ways.. it would increase traffic to the area creating new jobs as well as bring in trouble with it as well creating more targets for thieves bandits it would create a bigger unbalance in the population and you will also have more beggers and so forth..

there are many variables and unknowns you would have to set up plans for as well incase things go awry..

mine collapses un natural deaths to lack of oxygen and so forth and so on as well as floods in the mines when it rains like it has in past.. then you have taxes and so on to deal with..

in the end it becomes more of a pain than its worth and many can not even conceive of the possibility it brings both for good and bad alike..

and what if people started targeting the mines destroying them for what ever purpose while people were inside.. you would need a committee to draw up plans engineers tacticians defence personal.. you would need scouts to survey paths and dangers both hidden and plan site.. you would need a way to seal off access to the underdark permanently.. all these plans and contingency plans need to be formed the elders would need to decide whose right they are and the land belongs to and approve the plans laid out before them..

this may serve as to much of a distraction at this time as well and take attention from defence and so forth and open you up to threats that still loom un checked and building forces..

this would be a discussion best left to a later time when you are more reasonably safe from most dangers..

this is just my thoughts and advice.. do with it what you will..
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PostSubject: Re: A Public Inquiry About Mining   Sat Jun 07, 2014 5:02 pm

After speaking with a decent number of people about the idea, Kalin finally writes Elders Farl, Rory, Torst, asking if they would be available to meet with him about reclaiming and reopening the mines in Shadowdale.
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PostSubject: Re: A Public Inquiry About Mining   

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A Public Inquiry About Mining
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