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 A war of fiends

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PostSubject: A war of fiends   Tue Apr 08, 2014 1:09 pm

part 0 - Education
Roman had been working with Lhanir for many days on improving his use of tracking to follow the movements of various targets and enemies of the House.  House of Redemption enemy #1, Stephonos - aka "Steve" was the instigator to Roman needing these new skills, but they will serve long after the 'Steve matter' is resolved.  However, this night... Steve is the mark.  Roman might not be a good woodsman tracker, but he has good instincts to hunt a man down.  Steve will leave tracks among some foul army... man prints, friendly with forces of darkness.  That is what they seek.

Part 1 - Planning and the Mark
A team of HoR members and friends gather at the Golden Serpent Inn and Tavern.  Rumors of Steve lurking around the nearby wilds abound and not only has he been organizing masses of foul minions and strange alliances against the House, he also has a mighty bounty on his head.  Steve has someone else with alot of money worried and/or pissed off as well.  Roman makes it well known to the group, the mission is to make Steve dead.  No talking, no deals.  He is very firm on this.

Part 2 - The HoR Alarms sound
Just as the planning stages of the hunt for Steve are winding down, the front porch guardsman sounds the alarm.  People unbar the door and scurry outside to see what is the matter.  Emrys is standing over the corpses of a couple undead warriors just East of the House along the road.  The group of Steve hunters gather on the front porch and Roman scouts up the road to see what might be going on.

Part 3 - Battle on the Eastern Front
Roman is rather surprised to see such a scene so close to the House.  The plains Orc tribes have been pushed nearly to the grounds of the House of Redemption by a great force of undead.  The Orc's are barely holding them and Roman returns unnoticed to the House grounds to relay the information.  Headmistress's first instinct is to hunker down and defend the House... given the size of the force and the proximity to their home base, Roman convincers the group that attacking on the plains is a better way to go.

Part 4 - The Fray
Kaetta, Ken, Asteria, Emrys, Roman, Imyn, Ranya, Alasha'Ka, Elektra and Lhanir all march east down the road to face head-on, what is heading their way.  Roman sneaks in front to flank whatever force their might be from the rear and to keep an eye on the back lines.  The scene is grisly.  Heaps of hacked up gnawd on orc torsos... death nights with their hell hound minions clashing with the fierce yet frightened orc armies... the local waterway soured from the blood of the living and the ooze of the undead.

Part 5 - Picking up the Trail
After winning the first Scrimmage, the HoR folks and friends regroup on the Borders of the Misty River lands and assess the situation.  Roman scouts on ahead to find another segment of the orc vs. undead battle raging on the road up the hillside more to the east and deeper into orc country.  Lhanir puts her keen senses to the earth and looks for the story of this battle to unfold in the prints and evidence left behind by all those that came through here.  She picks up the trail of what very likely could be Steve... man prints fitting the size and weight of what has been described to her... fighting with undead?  ... perhaps against.... hard to say.

Part 6 - Strange company
Roman follows close by Lhanir who is on point and following the tracks of their mark.  He studies what she points out.  He has brief moments of seeing a loose track or two himself as the one they follow, but Lhanir follows them with the skill of an alfa-wolf on the trail of some prey.  The war band following close behind... evidence of battle is seen and heard nearly all around.  Unsettling it is that such a large undead force can March unnannounced so close to settled lands.  What of two forts?  Did this army pass through there?  Could two forts be raized and overwhelmed?  Half way through the orc plains, beyond the tide of battle, Roman notices a human male standing in the end of a field, parlaying with what looks to be a vampire.  Roman requests the group stay back a bit while he investigates if this is indeed their mark, and if so, that he have his chance to cut him down where he stands.  Steve was given many opportunities to come and try to negotiate with the House.... the orc heads with notes in their bloodied maws, the emmissary woman in green,  the piked beastmen with simple notes pinned to them "Last Chance.
Steve".  The time for talk was over.
Roman gets in close and with the eyes of an elven defender Steve picks his profile out of the shrubs behind him.  Steve being the expert negotiator warlord immediately resorts to trying to deter Roman -- who is clearly there to murder him -- out of his course of action.  Steve boasts abuot his achievements, Roman's instinct begs him sack and interrogate this foul villian... but the mission is kill... whatever happens tonight, Steve must lay dead and hopefully put an end to his obscene alliances and the wars
against the House of Redemption.  Roman gives Steve no more than 12 words before he ducks into the shadows and starts stabbing and slicing with a keen adamantine long blade.

Part 7 - the Fall of a War Monger and the Aftermath.
Roman's blade cuts through wards and flesh and bone, but he realizes how sturdy their fellow is just by the way he does not crumple under such an attack.  The formidible vampire scratching and slicing at his back, flinging death spells, and black blade swings.  Roman uses the darkness to his advantage, drinks a drink and potent heal potion and resumes his attack on Steve... the apparent more difficult of the two enemies at hand.  Roman does land a paralyzing blow to Steve and is afforded time to face the vampire,
but losing blood fast... he's not going to last long, even if hidden.  He runs back to the group and beckons for their aid.  
However it happened, Steve broke free of his paralysis.  Some strange ward... did the vampire HELP
him?!?  So many questions, but talk isn't going to help here.  There are two vicious champions of evil on the loose and only a modest force of 10 hero's of HoR and friends to stop it where it stands.  Steve on the last resort offensive, picks out the weakest looking fo the force of 10 and fells a few before he is over taken.  The elite vampire fighting at his side seems like a summoned warthog by comparision to his power. Alas in the end 3 of 10 lay fallen... Steve felled, Roman spares no time to hack off his head and sack it.  The vampire elite forms a black ooze and mist, withering the very earth wence it was slain.  

The party regroups... heals the fallen... and battle weary march back to the HoR halls for a celebration of victory.  Still so many questions linger... a matter for another time.  Roman heads to Freehaven to claim his bounty fulfilled.

///thanks again to Stardust and all the colorful participants in this quest/event!
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A war of fiends
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